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Sony GM 24-70mm F2.8 First look and images


carparkI thought i would give my first impression of the new Sony GM 24-70mm lens.

So i will start with this statement. “Its like having a bag of primes in a single lens”.

Straight out of the box i was surprised how big, solid and heavy it is. It is a beast. But then a 24-70mm F2.8 is never going to be small. Its very nice to handle. Comes with a lovely black carry case that i will never use ;-).


Focusing is fast silent and deadly sharp like a Ninja with  sword!  One thing i noticed is that is shows amazing contrast and detail. I need some more time. But so far i honestly think this sucker is as sharp at 24, 35, 50, 70mm as a bloody decent prime lens! What!!! I know, right! Thats not right!


But it is. It’s madness. I think i maybe in love. I have never been exited about a new lens like i have say the release of the A7RII. But i was keen about this. Before going mirrorless. A 24-70mm 2.8 was my main and most used lens. It has been the one thing i have missed. And have had to cover the ranges with primes.


I know there is a 24-70mm F4. And i have tried it. Sorry Sony but it sucked! It was slow, soft in the corners and just not the sharpest of Sony lenses. Yes its Zeiss, but it’s no way good enough for portrait with poor Bokeh. It’s also very slow in low light and hunted way to much. Yes i could have used other vendor glass but i really don’t like the fuss with all of the adapters. An i have a prime lens addiction. An addiction i think Sony maybe helping to cure.

So far the new Gmaster is just about all i could ask for and more. Its fast, sharp as hell and has stunning build quality. It is large, it is heavy. But i just don’t care! The Bokeh is great. the fine details are lovely. But what really gets me is the absolutely love rendering of fine contrast. I have never seen such detailed clarity in my images before.

So, what does this mean for me! I will be selling several primes on eBay over the next few weeks! Trying to recoup some money! And relearning what its like to have a great 24-70mm lens again.


To Sony i say thank you. You listened to your user community and really delivered.

I think this lens is going to help me clear my head as well as my bag of primes.

One Negative Comment

There is some considerable lens flare. Granted this was a test at 24mm, and i did not test the other focal ranges. This image below is straight out of the camera. As you can see there is a pretty little mess across the lens. I for one am not that bothered. I had it with my Nikon.

lrns flare