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London Calling the Zeiss Loxia 21mm F2.8

London is a popular place for photographers. The biggest challenge these days ¬†is finding something new. A new location, or a new spin on something well photographed. But sometimes its nice to take a popular image, even an iconic one and make it your own. That Sometimes means creating the individuality digitally. Personally i think photography is art. Which means your imagination is the limit. HDR, Composite…Its all fair game depending on what your vision is.

So excuses aside ūüėČ to justify this image. I saw it done 5 years ago and have been meaning to have a go ever since.

One spin on things can be a new lens. This image was taken with the Zeiss Loxia 21mm F2.8. It handles the low light fantastically.

I’ve had very specific images of mine copied and i really enjoy seeing what other people do. So i think anyone who is copied, should take it as a compliment and enjoy other photographers take on it.

One thing i always try to do is add people in and create a story.lonely

Sony A7Rii 2.0 Firmware with 14bit Raw support is here!!!!

Click on the link below to get yours!

Once updated, just go into the menu and you can modify the setting to turn it on. Its in the first Camera settings menu, page 1 called Raw file type. The setting will be compressed by default. So just click on it and choose Uncompressed and Voila!

I’m not sure what the benefits are part from solving the issue of some very rare artifacts. I don’t seem to be getting much more from post processing.

Whats the bad news?

85mb image files compared to 45mb compressed. Time to invest in some more storage.

The images took a noticeable longer time to write to my SD card. And i have a very good PNY SDXC U3 100mb’s per sec SD card.

Issues to report:

HDR 9 shots definitely took longer to write to my SDXC card.

I had to re-install my in Camera Time-lapse application. But the others were fine.

Sony A7RII with the Sigma 35mm ART Sony A Lens

I’ve been testing the Sony A7RII with the Sigma ART A Lens. And getting some fantastic results. So far, this is an amazing 35mm Prime lens. Especially cheap considering in is F1.4 prime. Yes you need a A mount lens adapter. But it’s very sharp and vibrant.

But my first initial comments.

Focusing is pretty fast. The Lens is very sharp from f1.4 to F22. It has a very nice quality. Very little vignetting. But enough to give it some personality. Sharper at the edges that i thought it would be.  For the quality, this is a very cheap F1.4 35mm lens.

The lens is big and heavy, and not a match for the Sony FE 35mm F1.4 Distagon. But for half the price. Its great value for the money. And if you don’t mind a non native lens, this is a fantastic Fantastic lens. Gorgeous Bokeh, lovely DOF. And a great fast wide lens.


NEW! Sony A7Rii 1.10 Firmware update

Sony Release a new firmware update but still no 14bit Raw.

They have improved a symptom to rarely become front focus depending on shooting scene.

They have decreased chroma noise when long exposure NR is set off.

And improved High continuous shooting speed when using with the flash. Which i am happy about but have not tested.


Sony a7RII (ILCE-7RM2) Camera Firmware Update 1.10: MAC | WIN


MAC 10.10 Yosemite users if you have not already done so, you will need to first install Mac OS X 10.10 Driver Loader before running any updates.

Try something Different!

If you can, always try something different. Some kind of composition that has not been done. It will help your images to stand out from the crowd.

And there is no greater test than famous landmarks that are photographed by Millions ever week. So I picked Big Ben!


Framing opportunities are also a great way to make your images Unique.


Or try applying some photography tricks like motion.

This was an image i actually made a large mistake on with ISO. But i turned that weakness into a strength via post processing.

No matter what you try, have fun and don’t be afraid to fail. I have over 200 images of Big Ben in my Trash! But it’s all worth it for those few golden images!