Its been a while :-(


Yes it has been a while since i last posted on my Blog. I have given myself a kick up the ass and will now commit to a least 1 blog a week.

I wanted to kick this promise off with places to go.

Living in the UK, there are plenty of amazing places to do photography. Sometimes it just takes some willpower to get up early and get to the destination.

My choice this time is Corfe Castle in Dorset.

It was a 3 hour Drive in freezing crazy foggy weather. I started at 4am. I got to Corfe by 7am. I parked in the carport nearest to the castle. But unfortunately, it was so foggy, i had no idea which way to go. I could see nothing. Luckily for me i bumped into a fellow photographer who was happy to lead me through the dense fog, throughout a small lane and then up a treacherous slippery foggy hill.

Once up onto of the hill, and above the fog, there was the most amazing view of..well a sea of fog. It was like being on the edge of an abyss. And of course once at the top i was in the company of other crazy dedicated photographers.


The amazing thing about Corfe castle is that its on the middle of three hills. So you have the option of taking images of it with the sun inferno or behind it. You just need to keep warm and wait for the fog to drop and the castle to pop out and say hello. corfe-6







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