Sony FE 24-70 GM vs Sony FE 70-300 G @ 70mm Shoot out part 1


I thought i’d have some fun as I have both the 24-70mm GM and the 70-300mm G Lenses.

So, how do they both perform on the same Camera and same settings at 70mm?

Obviously the GM can stop down to F2.8. So to keep it fair. I have set this shootout to be at 70mm F4.5.

Now i know people will ask why i am doing this. Because both lenses are different and used for different things. But my reasons are simple. Its a chance to compare a new G to a GM at 70mm and because… i can! 🙂 Oh and i have not seen anyone else stupid enough to do it.

I am working on a Review of the Sony 70-300mm G F/4.5 and hope to post it by tomorrow.

So my test is simple: I will focus on Sharpness and colour rendition. I have tried to keep the images as similar as possible and neither of them have had any post processing.

I picked some flowers from the garden, as they show lots of sparkle and detail.

So heres is the G to start things off.

My initial observation is that it is a lovely sharp image. For a 70-300 zoom lens. There is no mistaking it is bloody sharp.

Flower 70-300 full

And here it is cropped, to see the detail. As you can see. Lovely and sharp, great detail and colour. A little soft in transition around the petals. But all in all, not much to complain at. And better / sharper that the Sony FE 70-200 G F4 lens.

Flower 70-300 cropped

Ok now for the 24-70 Gmaster.

Going by this first image, it was hard to tell them apart. The GM had the edge when it came to vignetting. And it rendered the colours better, especially the yellows. But all in all. It’s very close. Bokeh on the G showed a shallower DOF.

Flower 24-70 full

Cropping the image i could see that the sharpness is better on the GM, and the way it transitioned separation. Much more defined edges, better colours and more detail. But not worlds apart, unless you pixel peak.

Flower 24-70 cropped

Now here is the real difference. With the G70-300, i could not get very close to the subject due to its closest focus point. With the GM, i could use it like a 70mm macro and get very close. Getting love detail. This image is also at F/4.5. I just wanted to show the extra agility of the GM.

Flower 24-70 close

This GM is such a sweet lens. Worth every penny!  Its so damn good in so many ways. Landscape, portrait, a little macro…and all lovely and sharp.

Flower 24-70 close cropped

Now, i’m going to throw a spanner in the works! Is it fair that i showed the diversity of the GM at 70mm. Yes, i think it is as its a test of both lenses at 70mm. And i did not even go into the F/2.8 advantage, Bokeh and DOF.

But to be fair, i will break the rules and show although the 70-300 G can’t focus very close. It can zoom in at 300mm :-). And its a very sharp 300mm lens at that:

300mm full

300mm cropped

So as you can see, there is more than one way to skin a cat 🙂


(No Cats were skinned in the process of writing this blog!)

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment. Or suggest the settings for my Shootout part 2.


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