Sony A7Rii 2.0 Firmware with 14bit Raw support is here!!!!

Click on the link below to get yours!

Once updated, just go into the menu and you can modify the setting to turn it on. Its in the first Camera settings menu, page 1 called Raw file type. The setting will be compressed by default. So just click on it and choose Uncompressed and Voila!

I’m not sure what the benefits are part from solving the issue of some very rare artifacts. I don’t seem to be getting much more from post processing.

Whats the bad news?

85mb image files compared to 45mb compressed. Time to invest in some more storage.

The images took a noticeable longer time to write to my SD card. And i have a very good PNY SDXC U3 100mb’s per sec SD card.

Issues to report:

HDR 9 shots definitely took longer to write to my SDXC card.

I had to re-install my in Camera Time-lapse application. But the others were fine.

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