Having the Man Flu sucks!


Having the man Flu sucks, but having the (whatever a temperature, no energy and feeling pain and nausea is…) when you have a new Sony A7RII to play with is just torture.

So, ignoring my wife instructions to stay in bed and rest. Then waiting for her to go shopping. I dragged my self out of bed to take a couple of shots in the garden. Not something I ever do to be honest. But the pull to just take pictures of anything i could was just too strong! And I managed to get back in bed before the wife got home. Unfortunately she spotted the trainers by the back door. DOH!

I took this with the LA-EA4 and Sony 135mm famed Zeiss lens. AF was not especially any different than with the A7II. But the image quality is epically better!

A leaf with water drops

4 thoughts on “Having the Man Flu sucks!”

  1. I am enjoying your comments on the A7Rii and feel for you being sick and having the new gear to play with. Oh well, you could be sick and still waiting for the camera. Get some rest. Lovely pic while the wife was away.

    1. Thank you so much Pat. I’ve never done one before. But i was getting so many emails and requests in Flickr to test specific things on the A7RII. I thought it was easier to try this and work on giving updates. I am off to Venice on Thursday for a long weekend. So i will get some rest now 🙂

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